Inspiring Inspiration for Inspirers

We’re almost a week into this blog and I want to get real, you guys.  People often ask me the following questions:

  •  What inspires you?
  • Where do you get your ideas from?
  • How can I be as artistic and amazing as you?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s all thievery.  Mostly. 99% of my talent is from straight-up theft.  

What I do is, see, is I hang out with people who are incredibly talented and amazing and slowly, through the power of osmosis, I drain the creativity out of them.  No, I’m serious.  I’m just too good of a person to use their great ideas for profit. Yet. Yeah, you’re welcome ghost of Steve Jobs,  I let you have the “Apple” thing. 

Sometimes though, creative people aren’t around.  So what can you do to be creative and amazing? 

You watch day time television.

If you’ve ever really wanted to feel like you could do anything, you should watch a little day time television.  On day-time tv you will find it chock full of people who can’t remember who they procreated with, people who really should have started tidying a few years ago, and sad commercials about people who don’t know how to take care of their pets! I guarantee if you watch enough of this kind of television you’ll feel pretty darn smug about your talents.  The very fact that you aren’t these people is a huge motivator to be continuously awesome.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “doesn’t that paragraph about crappy day time television sort of imply that Amy surrounds herself with sub par people to feel superior?”  No, no! Remember the paragraph before that one? Crappy day time television reminds you of all your amazing abilities and strengths.  Amazingly brilliant and talented friends remind you of how cool you must be for them to being hanging out with you.

I don’t really have a conclusion for this blog post.  I mean, I really just started writing as a way to segue to this picture I drew after spending the day with  Zalina.  We had spent about 7 hours together trying to create something really unique and I’m pretty proud of the outcome:



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